provides key outcome measures for 1,576 four-year public and private colleges in the US. The website makes it simple to strategically evaluate the performance of colleges and state systems in order to identify areas for further analysis and focus. Scenario modeling tools are included which make it easy to set targets using comparative data and conduct “what if” analyses in order to see the impacts of potential changes in performance.

The website focuses on seven key outcomes measures. These include: graduation rates, first-year retention rates, education-related cost per student, cost per degree, student loan default rates, and the ratio of student loan payments to earnings for recent graduates. In addition, we have created a measure for “cost of attrition” which quantifies the amount of money a college spends to educate first-year undergraduate students (first-time, full-time) who do not begin a second year. Further detailed data is provided for each of the seven measures.

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CollegeMeasures' 4-year college data tool presents key performance measures for four-year colleges in the United States. Areas of interest include: student success, college efficiency, college productivity and employment outcomes. Our goal is to present data that are informative, thought-provoking and easily understood.