Economic Success Metrics (ESM) Program

With the support of the Lumina Foundation, College MeasuresTM is assisting state agencies in their efforts to make information about the earnings of graduates from their higher education programs publicly accessible. These data, dubbed “Economic Success Metrics,” show that the degree a student earns, and where they earn it, matters. To see the results of our partnerships with states, please visit our states’ websites through the links on the right. For more information about Economic Success Metrics, and information about how your state can participate, please see below.

About the Economic Success Metrics (ESM) Program

What are Economic Success Metrics? 
Economic Success Metrics (ESM) report the extent to which graduates from colleges and universities are “economically successful.”  These metrics on this website build on data from two state-level systems - more...

ESM Community Wiki site

This website serves as a forum for current and future users who host Economic Success Metrics (ESM) websites to share ideas about the metrics they use, and to provide a repository of information that addresses the questions and challenges states have faced in generating data for the website, deciding on the metrics to display, and other relevant information. Visit the ESM Community Wiki site.

ESM Reports

  • Earnings and Other Outcomes of Florida’s Postsecondary Graduates and Completers (2015) more
  • The Earnings and Other Outcomes of Florida's Postsecondary Graduates and Completers (2014) more

More reports...